Would You Like to Improve Your Singing Voice No Matter Your Talent Level or Experience?

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Benny Ng – master singing teacher of SingNow Studio

Would you like to:

• sing higher?
• have a stronger voice?
• sing with less tension and more freedom?
• sing with a more resonant voice (not breathy)?
• have better breath management/stamina?
• always sing in tune?
• control your low notes?
• control your high notes?
• sing with confidence?
• learn to perform on stage?
• learn to sing your favorite songs?
• find your voice?


We help you to improve your voice no matter your talent level or experience

Now Available

Singing Lessons Designed for Your Voice to Build on Your Strengths and Fix Vocal Issues

Imagine having a singing teacher who plans each and every singing lesson to help you get better every week….

Imagine doing specific vocal exercises to fix the problematic areas in your singing…

Imagine singing the songs that you love and learning to sing them well

Those are what you’ll get when you take singing lessons from me.

“Singing isn’t easy, that is until you visit Benny and he teaches you how to do it properly, then it’s surprisingly easy! If not for Benny I’d have blown out my vocals singing for Nerdlinger long ago”

“Hey Benny! Just wanted to say thanks for the vocal coaching! really helped us out mate, we’ll be back for more soon!”

Scott McNairn (Sydney punk rock band, Nerdlinger)

Who Am I and What’s Going On?

Dear Friend,

My name is Benny Ng. I’m a contemporary singer and singing teacher/vocal coach. I’ve been singing for over 14 years. I’ve been teaching singing lessons in Sydney since 2012.

My qualifications include: BMus (Performance), Diploma in Audio Engineering, Grad Dip Mus (Vocal Pedagogy) and Grad Dip Ed (Secondary). I’ve graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and learned from some of the best teachers in the music industry. I’ve also been composing and writing songs since 2007.

I’m accredited with BOSTES (Board of Studies NSW), Department of Education (DEC Full Approval), a member of APRA|AMCOS with a Working with Children Check clearance number. Working as a music teacher at Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design, I’m also the director of the school’s vocal ensemble.

Benny is the vocal ensemble director of Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design
Benny is the director of Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design vocal ensemble
Hear Benny sing


You might have seen the instructional videos that I posted on SingNow Studio FB page (with thousands of views) or the cover songs videos on my YouTube channel.

But it wasn’t always like this. Especially in the beginning, my singing progress was slow and difficult.

I was born and raised in Malaysia. I moved to Sydney 10 years ago to study music. I was introduced to a fantastic singing teacher and I was making great progress in singing. However, that teacher moved interstate and from then on, I had a string of bad teachers who taught me dubious techniques and I had trouble building a rapport with them. My singing suffered as a result.

Then I decided to take things into my own hands. I studied the vocal anatomy relentlessly and had the help and guidance of excellent lecturers at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. My singing improved steadily and pretty soon, I gained more confidence in my voice.

In 2011, I decided to take it one step further. I wanted to teach what I know to others. I wanted to be the teacher that I wish I had. I vowed to be patient and empathetic towards my students. Above all, I wanted to design and plan each singing lesson to the individual student’s strengths and interests. This way, I could help my students improve the areas that they needed to work on – helping them improve faster. And this is where you come in. I want to be there for you on your journey of learning to sing. I want to help you be the best singer you can be.

Why is Learning to Sing So Difficult?

That’s because learning to sing can be very abstract. Unlike a guitar or a piano, there are no keys to press and no strings to strum when you sing. Your body is your instrument – your mind and imagination is the key to controlling your voice. Just like a guitarist controls the guitar using hands/fingers, you control your voice using your mind and imagination.

See, you already have what you need to sing: your voice box/larynx, your lungs and your brain.

What you need is to learn how to make them work together as a whole – as a musical instrument!

Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher - Sydney, Dee Why, Balgowlah, Brookvale, Frenchs Forest, Fairlight, Manly

Introducing: Customized Singing Lessons Planned Especially for YOU

Customized singing lessons will help you improve your voice as quickly as possible because:

  • Every lesson is planned especially for you: you get lessons customized to your voice, musical interests and singing goals
  • Every lesson has specific learning outcomes to help you get better/achieve your musical goals
  • I REALLY listen to your voice, find the right exercises for you and take you through them: making you improve a lot quicker
  • You’ll see instant improvements after the first lessons: increasing your confidence early
  • You’ll get “Aha!” moments that will make you a better singer: making singing very enjoyable
  • You do vocal exercises specifically designed to fix your vocal issues
  • You get to choose your own songs: you get to sing the songs you would like to learn
  • You’ll get timely, honest feedback: helping you sing better quicker
  • If you have singing goals you want to achieve, I’ll customize the lessons to help you achieve them: your valuable time and money will be well spent
  • You’ll get warm-up tracks to practice with at the convenience of your home
  • Even if you already sing, I can help you improve your voice by giving you advanced exercises: taking your singing to the next level

“Your teacher can be the best singer in the world but if they can’t communicate the correct vocal technique to you in a way that makes sense to you, you might as well be learning to sing from a book.”

That is why I like to use imagery and demonstration to make something as abstract as singing easy to grasp.

What Will You Learn?

Every lesson will cover at least 3 of these 5 aspects of vocal technique:

  • how to stand/sit in the correct way to sing
  • how posture can affect your breathing technique
  • how good posture can make you more relaxed and free of tension to sing


•    learn about different kinds of breathing techniques and the best one to use for singing
•    breathing exercises to build body-mind connection
•    understand the whole breathing mechanism: “It’s not just the diaphragm!”


•    how to always sing in tune
•    extend your vocal range both ways: sing higher notes, sing lower notes
•    develop vibrato/falsetto


•    how to project your voice so the audience can hear you
•    develop a variety of vocal tones (dark, bright, round, twangy etc)
•    develop a balanced, resonant tone throughout your range




•    how to enunciate consonants and vowels to make singing easier
•    strengthen your articulatory muscles (tongue, lips, jaw) for clear articulation
•    tongue, lips, neck, jaw exercises and self-massage to get your voice warmed-up


•    gestures and facial expressions for effective performance
•    songs to build up your repertoire (teacher choice/your choice)
•    how to deliver songs using appropriate stylistic interpretation


•    develop stage presence
•    microphone techniques
•    how to move on stage


•    develop a repertoire of songs you can sing well
•    choose songs that you like
•    sing songs that bring out the strengths of your voice

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Lesson Structure

30-Minute Lessons

15 minutes: body stretches, breathing techniques, vocal warm-up, specific vocal exercises

15 minutes: song learning, stagecraft, microphone technique


1-Hour Lessons

30 minutes: body stretches, breathing techniques, vocal warm-up, specific vocal exercises

30 minutes: song learning, stagecraft, microphone technique

Why Should You Learn Singing from Me?

  • I see every student as an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses – I plan your lessons according to what works for you and get rid of what doesn’t
  • You will get my years of experience as a singer/vocalist and my keen ears to monitor your singing: you’ll always be on track and know what your voice sounds like and how to fix vocal issues
  • I know about vocal anatomy and make singing easy to understand by using visual aids and mental imageries: you’ll get better quickly
  • I teach you about how your voice works in simple and easy to understand terms: you’ll get better quicker
  • I’m patient and I care about your success: you get undivided attention to help you achieve singing success
  • No matter how “horrible” you think your voice is, I can always find good things about your voice: increasing your confidence in your voice
  • I change up exercise routines to keep things fresh: you’ll enjoy each and every lesson
  • I’ll give you lyric sheets and backing tracks to practice at home: get better quicker
  • I’m flexible with lesson times: you can reschedule lessons for your convenience and for free (with a 24-hour notice)
  • Friendly atmosphere: you’ll feel relaxed and more open to discovering your voice/singing your heart out

Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher - Sydney, Dee Why, Haymarket

Plus, You’re Getting Extra Bonuses!

Offering customized singing lessons is a big deal for me. It took me 14 years to hone my singing skills and hundreds of hours of research to find the safest and the most effective vocal exercises to help my students improve their voice. So why am I adding in extra free stuff?

I want you to have the freedom to express yourself using your singing voice, and to achieve that as quickly as possible


Bonus #1 – Free 30-Minute (No-Strings-Attached) Lesson

You are free to try one lesson with me to see if I’m a good fit for you. I’ll also give you an overview of your vocal strengths and areas that you need to work on. When you contact me, I’ll ask you about your interests and singing goals. I’m not doing so to make you nervous. I ask so that I can prepare a customized lesson plan for you. And whatever you decide, this lesson will always be free.


Yes! I want to book my Free 30-Minute Lesson now
Bonus #2 – Vocal Warm-Up Tracks

Say you’re happy with your first lesson and you decide to come back for more lessons. Great! I’ll then provide you with specially recorded vocal warm-up tracks (audio and video) that you can use to practice at home, in the car or anywhere!


Bonus #3 – Lyric Sheets/Chord Charts/Backing Tracks

Once we start learning songs (usually from the very first lesson!), I’ll give you everything you need to learn the songs and build your repertoire. These include lyric sheets, chord charts, sheet music and backing tracks for you to take home.

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We were awarded the Most Popular Kids Activities Award for 2016 at ActiveActivities

What Students Think of Benny


Austin playing guitar and singing
“We decided to do some singing lessons over the school holidays to boost our son’s confidence with his guitar performance. He had been playing for a few years but was shy with his singing. Benny was very encouraging and really helped to improve his singing in just six weeks! Thank you so much.”
Jacqui (Balgowlah)

“Benny has been our sons coach now for over term and he has loved every lesson. Benny has a exceptional way with young children and young adults. He is patient, positive and enthusiastic always! Benny is incredibly talented and I highly recommend him! Thank you Benny!”
Pip (Dee Why)

“Our nine year old daughter asked to have some singing lessons recently and when we came across Benny’s web ad.  she decided to start.  She really enjoyed her lessons with Benny as he ensured that she had suitable breathing exercises and opportunities to learn songs that were engaging, current and age appropriate.  Throughout Benny demonstrated professionalism and enthusiasm.   He is clearly a committed teacher who used technology and scaffolded learning and teaching strategies in support of our daughter’s learning.  I highly recommend Benny and thank him for his patience and calm and caring approach!”

Lauren (Forestville)

 “Under Benny’s guidance I have had enormous improvement in my singing. Teaching me many hard to acquire singing techniques Benny is full of tips and tricks on how to improve my vocals in any situation. He is very patient and understanding and his explanations are always easy to understand and simple. If you are looking to progress your singing career  through both fun and informative lessons then I strongly recommend Benny to be your next singing instructor. He will surprise you on how fun and rewarding singing can be.”

Rachel (Sydney)

“…very intelligent and observant… will definitely get to the bottom of your singing blocks”

Mark (Sydney)

“He is a great teacher, kind and patient.
He knows how to improve your singing by giving a lot of advice, and lots of explaination. Try his class and you will never regret.”
Jefri (Sydney)

“I am currently a student of Mr Benny Ng. I am a mature age male who up until recently had little knowledge of music and zero experience in singing. Benny will start you off correctly with a progression of exercises which will give you the ability to find your inner voice. Benny will show you many techniques and ensure you sing safely without straining or damaging your voice. Benny is patient and full of knowledge. He will assist you no matter your ability or interests in music. Singing isn’t easy however Benny makes the first step easy and fun.”
Michael (Sydney)

Lesson Rates & My Guarantee to You

1-hour lesson: 60
30-minute lesson: 35
Package Deal (Pay for 7 lessons, get 1 free)
Eight 1-hour lessons: $480  420 (you get 1 lesson free)
Eight 30-minute lessons: $280  245 (you get 1 lesson free)

Payment Options

You can choose to pay weekly after lesson or get the Package Deal.

You can choose to pay your fees by cash, bank transfer or by credit card (PayPal).

       Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher - Sydney, Dee Why, Haymarket

It’s very important to me that you enjoy your singing lessons. That’s why I insist that you try one lesson for free. I want you to feel 100% sure before you continue. If you’re not happy for any reason, just walk away and never hear from me again.

Who Are These Singing Lessons For?

If you’d like to improve your singing, then these singing lessons are for you.

I teach most contemporary styles including but not limited to: Rock, Pop, Musical Theater, Singer/Songwriter, R&B, Hip-Hop.

If you’re preparing for HSC or an upcoming audition, I can help you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only ever sung in the shower or performed on stage countless times – if you’d like to improve your singing, I’m more than happy to help you on your journey to becoming the best singer you can be.

Call 0416 739 630 to book your free 30-minute lesson now

Where Is The Studio?

Studio Location

Northern Beaches – Brookvale (near Brookvale Oval).

We are operating out of a music rehearsal studio in Brookvale.

Please call for address and directions.

Home Visit

I can also travel to your home if you prefer.

Areas serviced: Northern Beaches.

What You’ll Get from Me

  • Customized singing lessons, planned especially for you: I plan each and every lesson for you. I choose the best exercises that target the areas that you need to improve upon. From experience, this has helped my students improve tremendously in a short amount of time.
  • Free 30-minute trial lesson: I believe in giving students the freedom to try a lesson with me before deciding to commit to future lessons. You’ll get honest and constructive feedback about your voice. And whatever you decide, this lesson will always be free.
  • Vocal warm-up CD: You’ll get a CD containing vocal warm-up tracks that you can take home and practice singing with. Or you can choose to have mp3 version sent to your email – upload them into your iTunes and you’re good to go!
  • Lyric sheets/chord charts/backing tracks: Everything you need to learn the songs that you’d like to learn.


Yes! I want to book my FREE 30-minute lesson now


The time is now. Take your singing skills to a whole new level! Be the singer you’ve always wanted to be!

Yours Sincerely,

Benny Ng
SingNow Studio

P.S. I expect the bookings for the free 30-minute lessons to fill up quickly. Book yours now or you might be put on the waiting list.

P.P.S. The vocal warm-up tracks awesome. My students have been able to practice at home (in the car, or wherever suits you) what we do in class because of them.

P.P.P.S. If you’re nervous about taking your first singing lesson/learning from a new teacher, you’re welcome to bring a friend to sit in and watch or participate (optional)

If you’re not happy after your free 30-minute lesson for ANY reason, just walk away and never hear from me again. Your satisfaction comes first.

Yes! Please book me in for my Free 30-Minute Lesson now!

Singing Lessons Sydney, Singing Lessons Northern Beaches

Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher - Sydney, Dee Why, Haymarket
Benny Ng – master singing teacher/vocal coach of SingNow Studio