Let Me Help Your Child Gain Control of His/Her Voice, Boost Courage and Sing with Confidence in Front of People

Does Your Child…

Sing around the house and everywhere and you’d like him/her to sing with proper technique so his/her voice doesn’t get hurt?

Love singing but just a bit shy to do it in front of people?

Have a lovely voice and you’d like to see how far he/she can go with singing?

Love singing but never had training and doesn’t know where to start?

Do These Things Happen to Your Child When He/She Sings?

Words not clear/weak pronunciation?

Running out of breath when singing?

Wobbly voice?

Breathy/weak voice?

Weak high notes?

Singing out of tune?

Voice feels sore after singing?

Voice too soft/loud?

Voice lacks projection?

Don’t know how to warm up the voice?

Feeling tensed in the throat?

Not feeling confident/feeling very anxious when singing in front of people?

Would Your Child Like to…

Sing higher?

Pronounce lyrics clearly?

Sing with less tension and more freedom?

Sing with a stronger, more resonant voice?

Have more breath capacity/stamina?

Always sing in tune?

Control/improve low notes?

Control/improve high notes?

Sing with confidence?

Learn to perform on stage?

Learn to sing his/her favorite songs?

Overcome performance anxiety and sing with confidence in front of people?

Singing Lessons Designed for Your Child’s Voice to Build on His/Her Strengths, Fix Vocal Issues and Overcome Performance Anxiety

benny ng singing teacher sydney

Imagine having a singing teacher who plans each and every singing lesson to help your child get better every week….

Imagine having a singing teacher who listens to your child’s voice and work out the best way to improve his/her singing…

Imagine doing specific vocal exercises to fix the problematic areas in your child’s singing…

Imagine learning the practical strategies to boost your child’s courage and overcome stage fright…

Imagine singing the songs that your child loves and learning to sing them well

Those are what your child will get when he/she takes singing lessons from me.

What Does Skye (Beginner) Say About Singing Lessons With Benny?

5-Star Reviews on Google

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Who Am I and How Can I Help Your Child Sing Better?


Dear parent,

My name is Benny Ng.

I’m a contemporary singer, songwriter and singing teacher/vocal coach. I’ve been teaching singing lessons in Sydney, Australia since 2011 (for over 11 years).

I’ve released rock music under my artist name, Shadowary.

I have 4 university qualifications in music (two of those were postgraduate degrees). I graduated from the renowned Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Grad Dip in Vocal Pedagogy (for teaching singing).

Complete List of My Qualifications:

  • Graduate Diploma in Music (Vocal Pedagogy) – Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) – Australian Catholic University
  • Bachelor of Music (Performance) – Australian Music And Performing Arts Academy
  • Diploma in Audio Engineering and Sound Production – JMC Academy


I’m accredited with NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority), Department of Education (DEC Full Approval), a member of APRA|AMCOS with a Working with Children Check clearance number.

I’ve worked as a music teacher at Amity College, Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design, Mackellar Girls School, Freshwater Senior Campus and Killarney Heights High School. I’ve taught classes from Kindergarten to Year 12.

I’ve conducted choirs at the ICC Centre, Darling Harbour and Sydney Town Hall.

I’ve also taught group singing classes at the Northern Beaches Community College (Mosman & Narrabeen).


My origin story:

In 2007, I moved to Australia to study a Bachelor of Music (Performance) course. Born and raised in Malaysia, I didn’t get much vocal or music training.

So, the learning curve was steep. Imagine going from primary school to university. That was how I felt.

Culture shock and pressures of life made it difficult for me to focus on my studies.

I had a great singing teacher but he moved to another state halfway through my course.

Singing didn’t come naturally to me. I’d overthink things and my throat would get sore very often. I felt lost and confused.

Our voice is inside of our body. We can’t see or touch it.

How was I supposed to learn to play something I couldn’t see or touch?

This was like learning to play the piano in the dark… while standing 5 feet away from it!

For the next 2 years, I fumbled through the course and barely passed my final performance exam.

Instead of feeling joy and pride, I felt like I had hit rock bottom. That wasn’t what graduating from a university should feel like.

But I wasn’t going to give up.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I wanted to learn everything I could about the science and art of singing.

I enrolled in a postgraduate course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

I spent countless hours in the library, poring over textbooks and research journal articles.

I wanted to learn all I could about how the voice worked.

I bought or borrowed every single textbook that was recommended by my lecturers.

And I studied them all.

It was then that I discovered the holy grail of singing.

It was an underlying concept that made all vocal techniques worked.

I went into the practice studio to try out the things I learnt.

I was shocked by how quickly I improved.

I could now sing higher than I ever did before.

I was singing in tune most of the time. And singing felt a lot easier.

I was one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a rock singer.

I started to learn how to belt and do metal screaming… but the mechanics of those advanced techniques were so different.

My throat would hurt after belting and screaming.

I went and did more research. I even took screaming lessons that cost $300/hour.

I discovered I actually had low level performance anxiety. Deep down, I was afraid of people judging my voice.

I’d feel insecure whenever I made mistakes while singing. I was afraid of what people might say about my voice.

This self consciousness affected me more than I knew.

Using psychology and meditation strategies, I managed to overcome my performance anxiety.

I can now belt a high G5 when I sing. I now have a 3-octave vocal range. Metal screams come easily to me.

When I perform rock songs, I feel more authentic because I’m in the moment. There’s a sense of freedom when I’m channeling my emotions through my voice.

I even started doing live online music shows for my fans.

After ‘finding’ my voice, I feel more confident as a person.

Singing is now a source of pride and joy that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Hear Me Sing

What Will Your Child Learn?


  • How to stand/sit in the correct way to sing
  • How having a good body posture can release tension and increase vocal freedom
  • How having good internal posture (inside the throat) can make his/her voice sound stronger


  • Learn about the different kinds of breathing techniques (and which one to use he/she is singing)
  • Breathing exercises to build body-mind connection (so that he/she doesn’t have to think about it when singing)
  • Understand what parts of the body to control for efficient breath support (hint: it’s not just the diaphragm)


  • How to always sing in tune – increase pitch accuracy
  • Extend vocal range both ways – sing higher notes, sing lower notes
  • Develop a more resonant/clearer/stronger vocal tone


  • How to project the voice so the audience can hear him/her
  • Develop a variety of vocal tone colours (dark, bright, round, twangy etc)
  • Develop a balanced, resonant tone throughout the range (blending the voice)


  • How to enunciate consonants and vowels to make singing easier
  • Strengthen your articulators (tongue, lips, jaw) for clearer articulation
  • Tongue, lips, neck, jaw exercises and self-massage to get the voice warmed up


  • Song learning method to accelerate the song learning process
  • Songs to build up his/her repertoire (teacher choice or your child’s choice)
  • How to deliver songs using appropriate stylistic interpretation, gestures and facial expressions


  • Develop stage presence
  • Microphone technique
  • How to move on stage


  • Develop a repertoire of songs he/she can sing well
  • Choose songs that he/she likes
  • Sing songs that bring out the strengths of his/her voice

Inner Game of Singing – Strategies to Overcome Performance Anxiety

  • Intellectually understand what anxiety and performance anxiety is
  • Learn and apply practical strategies from psychology and mindfulness to overcome performance anxiety and sing with confidence


Lesson Structure

30-Minute Lessons

15 minutes: body stretches, breathing techniques, vocal warm-up, specific vocal exercises

15 minutes: song learning, stagecraft, microphone technique

1-Hour Lessons

30 minutes: body stretches, breathing techniques, vocal warm-up, specific vocal exercises

30 minutes: song learning, stagecraft, microphone technique

Each Lesson is Designed For Your Child’s Voice

I understand that every student is unique – not only their voice but also their learning styles, musical background and personality.

I take notes during each lesson for every single one of my students to help me monitor their progress and plan for their next lesson.

I then make the necessary changes to cater to the learning needs of my students.

From my experience, many of my students have experienced instant improvement that way.

And your child can too if he/she takes singing lessons from me.


Why Should Your Child Learn Singing From Me?

  • I plan each and every lesson to help your child be the best singer he/she can be
  • I see every student as an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses – I plan your child’s lessons according to what works for him/her and get rid of what doesn’t
  • I make singing easy to understand – helping your child understand the concepts quicker and therefore improving quickly
  • He/she will get my years of experience as a singer/vocalist and my keen ears to monitor your child’s singing: so we’re always on track
  • I know about vocal anatomy and make singing easy to understand by using visual aids and mental imageries: your child will get better quickly
  • I’ll give him/her practice tasks at the end of each lesson – reminding your child what to practice for that week
  • I teach your child about how the voice works in simple and easy to understand terms: he/she will get better quicker
  • I care about your success: he/she gets undivided attention to achieve singing success
  • I can always find good things about your child’s voice: increasing his/her confidence in singing
  • I will help him/her gain self-monitoring skills for singing, so that your child can adjust and control his/her instrument (voice) even when I’m not there to give him/her feedback (i.e. when practicing at home)
  • I change up exercise routines to keep things fresh: increasing enjoyment of lessons
  • I’ll give him/her exercise tracks to practice at home
  • I’m flexible with lesson times: you can reschedule lessons for your convenience and for free (with a 24-hour notice)
  • Supportive learning environment: your child will feel relaxed and more open to discovering his/her voice and singing his/her heart out

Student Photos

Student Videos

Who are These Singing Lessons For?

If you’d like your child to improve his/her singing, then these singing lessons are for him/her.

I teach most contemporary styles including but not limited to: Rock, Pop, Musical Theater, Singer/Songwriter, folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz.


I can help your child:

  • overcome performance anxiety and increase his/her confidence
  • have better diction
  • sing more in tune
  • have a stronger speaking and singing voice
  • prepare for school performances
  • prepare for Eisteddfod performances
  • an upcoming audition
  • sing better in choir
  • sing better in band
  • sing better in musicals
  • prepare for and take AMEB Rockschool/Trinity vocal exams
  • correct bad vocal habits
  • improve voice for busking
  • sing for fun


Contact me if your child:

  • would like to get better so he/she can enjoy singing more
  • loves singing but too shy to do it in front of people and you want him/her to gain more courage
  • have an upcoming audition/performance he/she would like some help with
  • would like to learn to sing in tune
  • would like to sing for fun and improve his/her voice in general


It doesn’t matter how much experience your child has – if you’d like him/her to improve, I’m more than happy to help your child become the best singer he/she can be.

Lesson Rates

You can pay as you go or get the Package Deal.

Cash, bank transfer or credit card (fees apply) accepted.

30-Min Lesson

Pay-As-You-Go: 45

8 x 30-min lessons: 279 (35/lesson)

10 x 30-min lessons: 338 (33.80/lesson)



1-Hour Lesson

Pay-As-You-Go: 75

8 x 1-hour lessons: 489 (61.10/lesson)

10 x 1-hour lessons: 610 (61.00/lesson)

Would Your Child’s Voice Improve If You Do Nothing About It?

Taking singing lessons can be a daunting experience, especially if it is your child’s first ever lesson.

I firmly believe that if you can speak, you can sing. Everyone’s voice is different due to genetics, prior training or even sheer passion. What’s important is that you take the first step towards improving what you have. Under expert guidance and a keen listening ear, I believe that your child will definitely sing better if he/she is willing to put in the effort.


Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher - Sydney, Dee Why, Haymarket


It’s very important to me that your child enjoys his/her singing lessons. That’s why I insist that he/she tries one lesson for free. I want him/her to feel 100% sure before continuing. If he/she is not happy for any reason, just walk away and never hear from me again.



Online Lessons via Zoom

Available wherever you are in the world

Become a confident singer in the comfort of your home


Dee Why, NSW

Northern Beaches – 7/1 Redman Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099

singing lessons northern beaches


What Will Your Child’s First Lesson Be Like?

The first lesson is when I get to know him/her a little better as a singer.

I’ll ask about:

  • your child’s singing experience (most children have only sung around the house, and that is totally fine)
  • what he/she wants to get out of lessons
  • his/her favorite music or songs your child would like to learn

Then, I’ll take him/her through some warm-up exercises and also find out your child’s vocal range.

He/she will have the chance to sing 1-2 songs.

I’ll listen to your child’s voice and give constructive feedback. I’ll tell you what I think your child’s strengths are and what we need to work on to improve his/her voice.

If your child decides to continue lessons, I’ll then use those information to help me plan future lessons. That way, your child gets the maximum value for his/her lesson time – doing things that are aimed specifically at improving his/her voice.

Most children are nervous during their first lesson. It is perfectly normal to feel that way. Once we start doing exercises and singing songs, the nerves will go away very quickly. If your child is still anxious, I’ll show him/her relaxation exercises to help calm the nerves. Usually, they work really well.


What Will Your Child Get From Me?

  • Free 30-minute lesson: I believe in giving students the freedom to try a lesson with me before deciding to commit to future lessons. And whatever you decide, this lesson will always be free
  • Customized singing lessons, planned especially for your child:  I choose the best exercises that target the areas that your child needs to improve upon. From experience, this has helped my students improve tremendously in a short amount of time
  • Vocal warm-up and exercise tracks: Your child will get professionally recorded vocal warm-up and exercise tracks to practice singing with. It’s like having me there in your car/home to guide him/her through vocal warm-up and exercises


Ask Yourself These Questions and Answer Truthfully

Would your child’s singing voice improve if you do nothing about it?

Would your child be able to improve his/her singing voice, without expert guidance and feedback?

If there’s a vocal coach who can give your child the tools to gain control of his/her voice, would it be worth giving it a shot?

If there’s a proven method for your child to overcome performance anxiety and sing with confidence, would you like to see where it can take him/her?

The time is now. Give your child the opportunity to be the singer he/she can be!



Benny Ng
SingNow Studio

P.S. I expect the bookings for the free 30-minute lessons to fill up quickly. Book yours now or your child might be put on the waiting list.

P.P.S. The vocal warm-up tracks are awesome. My students have been able to practice at home (in the car, or wherever suits you) what we do in class because of them.

P.P.P.S. If your child is nervous about taking his/her first singing lesson or learning from a new teacher, I can show him/her relaxation exercises to calm down the nerves at the beginning of the lesson.

If your child is not happy after his/her free 30-minute lesson for any reason, just walk away and never hear from me again. Your satisfaction comes first.