How to Sing in Tune: Are You Tone Deaf? Here’s How to Tell


Hey everybody! I’m Benny from SingNow Studio. How to sing in tune? I’ve heard a lot people telling me that they cannot sing in tune or they’re tone deaf. I’d like to say: “Well, you’re right, if you believe in that”.


Research shows only 1% of the general population is tone deaf, so you’re probably not one of them. What you need is ear and vocal training to help you recognize and sing the pitches that you hear. So doing interval exercises and singing scales will improve your listening skills.

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A lot of times, too much tension in the neck, tongue, jaw makes it hard to sing in tune. Breath management also affects pitch accuracy. Too little air makes you sing flat. Too much air makes you sing sharp.


Knowing the melody of the song you’re singing well will help you to sing in tune. So that means playing the melody on the piano and singing along to it over and over until you’ve memorised it. Also be sure to work on any tricky intervals/leaps in the songs that you’re unsure about. From my teaching and personal experiences, this is how singers sing flat or sharp. Once they get to know the melody well, this issue disappears.


There isn’t just one solution to help you sing in tune. Usually, it takes a combination of strategies to fix it. But the good news is: 99% of the time, having a good singing teacher and singing classes will help you to sing in tune.


– Benny Ng

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Benny Ng is a master singing teacher/vocal coach on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. He’s been teaching singing lessons in Sydney since 2011.

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