Learn to Manage Your Breath: How Much Air Do You Need When You Sing?

Hey everybody!

Today, we’re going to address a question that a lot of my students ask me: How much air do I need to sing? How do I know how much air I need to breathe in so that I won’t get out of breath?

The answer is: just enough.

Taking in too much air will cause you to hold your breath and creating tension in your neck/throat/vocal folds. Taking in too little won’t give you enough air to get through the phrase/line.

So – just enough!

It sounds simple but it’s not easy to do. Doing breathing exercises and lots of singing practice and singing lessons, you’ll get the feel of how much air you need by trial and error. Eventually, you’ll know how much air you need without even thinking about it!



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Benny Ng is a singing teacher/vocal coach on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. He’s been teaching singing lessons in Sydney since 2011.

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