Will You Ever Be A Good Singer?

How to tell if you can ever be a good singer?

Do you have what it takes to sing well?

A lot of people don’t. And it’s not because they’re not talented or are tone deaf.

It’s because they don’t put in the hard work and they don’t have the patience to soldier through the early stages of learning to sing.

Through my years of teaching singers from 5 to 75, I found that the students who made the most progress were the ones who believed in themselves and worked hard to be the best singer they could be.

For some people, it means being a professional singer touring the world.

For many others, it means being able to freely express yourself and liking the sound that comes out of your mouth.

The voice is just like any other instrument. If you learn to play it the right way and if you practice hard, you’ll be the best singer you can be.

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